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Little Business Loans

Little Business Loans is a national commercial lender, helping to finance UK businesses. They have grown from a small company to a national brand as one of the main sources for business loans in the UK.

Small limited companies are finding it increasingly difficult to source short-term funds from banks and other third parties. Little Business Loans have simplified this process, making it quick and easy to obtain a short-term loan, providing loans up to £20,000 for up to 12 months.


Clever Rabbit Agency were approached by LBL to build them a business website. As they had grown from a local finance company to one of the top lenders for business finance with customers all over England & Wales, they needed a more professional website.

Since the new build of the website, Little Business Loans have used our services to design all promotional artwork (flyers, marketing products, business cards etc) and also have using our SEO services to help rank their website in Google and other search engines, as well as setting up and magaing their Google Ads account.